Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Two & Half Months Old

This site is roughly two and a half months old and continuing to fill up at a steady rate.

New pages include a Katsuhiro Otomo page, Domu page, temporary akira synopsis of the film and just added is a great article about Steve Oliff and Olyoptics who revolutionised how comic books are coloured, and it only happened to be Akira that they did this on.

I have also added a new download, the Akira FAQ by Taro Rehl. You must read this as it is very clever.

What can you expect? well I am working on my characters page which will give a detailed explanation of each characters involvement in the plot. I will also add some wallpapers ready for downloading including an original AKIRA 2019 wallpaper. Some general image optimisations and tidying up.

This is a big site so please be patient in regards to content, best place to see the progress of content is the MAP, grey means content and white means no content, simple.

…oh yeah, I almost forgot about my lovely style switcher. Now you can customise the site to your preferred taste, the Comic or Film? it’s your choice.