The Akira FAQ

This is the brilliant Akira faq created by Taro Rehrl of the Akira Home Page. Very insightfull and intelligent and definitly worth the read.

Akira Font

Well this is a similar Tru Type Font that comes with the standard windows install so you probably allready have it. The font is called impact.ttf.

Akira Games

Akira Solitaire for PC

If you created this then please contact AKIRA 2019.

Akira for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) (Famicon).

Click on the files below to download the game 'Rom' ( and the Nes Emulator (Jnes) to play it on. The home of the Emulator can be found here:

The game is in Japanese, so I havn't had any luck in playing it, but the screens are interesting to see. More information can be found in the Games sction of this site.

Akira for the Amiga cd32.

The file below is a zip file which contains the three game files.

You will need an Amiga emulator to play this game, many can be found on the internet by typing 'amiga emulator' into a search engine, or you could just as easily follow this link. -

Akira Wallpaper

Coming soon

Akira Audio Files (mp3 unless noted)

I found a cover of the song Tetsuo from the Akira Soundtrack. It has been done by contemporary band instruments and sounds pretty cool. I could only imagine the nightmares overcome when converting this song to guitar, bass and drums. If you created this then please get in touch with the site so you can be fully credited with name, link etc. If you want it removed just ask.

Akira Video Files