Akira Pirate & Bootleg DVD Watch

This page is for your awareness so you don't get duped into buying an inferiour DVD of Akira. I wouldn't recommend purchasing any of the DVD's featured on this page.

Most if not all Akira Region Free DVD's are pirate. One way you can tell is if the dvd has Chinese and English subtitles, because very few DVD's come with Chinese and English subtitles. The DVD manufacturer will also have some obvious name such as 'Anime Video', 'Anime Cartoon International' and 'Another DVD Company'. The subtitles on these DVD's are usually of a very poor standard and riddled with spelling mistakes and poor grammar. More information on Pirate Anime can be found here - www.digital.anime.org.uk.

Akira screenshot of bad subtitles. Akira screenshot of bad subtitles.

These screens are from the 'Manga International' so called Special Edition 2 DVD release. Check out the word "Car" instead of "Bike". The large cover below is the Manga International release and next to it are some of the company logos who are releasing Pirate dvds.

Anime Studio. Video Animation. Manga International. Video Animation. Anime Cartoon.
Anime Studio Video Animation Manga International Video Animation Anime Cartoon
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