Akira Production Cells

Here is my personnal collection of original hand made production cells from the film Akira. Each cell contains a hand painted accetate sheet with a hand drawn pencil sketch.

Most of these cells came from the shop 'Our Price Records' in Bradford City (UK), when they was having a 'Manga Video' deal. Which was, get a free Akira cell with each video purchased. Unfortunatly I had missed my oppertunity to get any with the bike in, and most of what they had left were more basic characters and scenery. They were all just piled on top of each other in random order, mostly stuck together so when you pulled them apart some of the paint came off. This is why on some of the 'Pencil Sketches' you will notice an imprint of the 'Painted Accetate'. Still a great deal though.

The Ryu cell came from the Manga Club (UK) in exchange for a certain number of Manga Tokens that came in the videos, a long long time ago, unfortunatly our small Jackrussel called Chess, grabbed it when it was being posted through our box. So one side of the cell has teeth marks.

Most of the cells are larger than A4, so my A4 scanner has missed out part of the cells.

For more cells of AKIRA take a look at this site http://akiracels.rubberslug.com/gallery/home.asp

A-16 Kaori
C-32 Ryu
B-9 Lady Miyako (Number 19)
E-12 Priest
A-36 Walking Crowd
Unknown Number Tetsuo - Double Accetate, there
is a pencil sheet with these but
there is very little pencil on it.
B-7 Tetsuo
1996 A-16 Tetsuo