Akira Memorabilia

Official Akira Badges (left)

Both these badges were bought from Ebay and are in perfect condition.

The large round badge, I am sure is an official Akira Committee product from 1988, no doubts that it is from Japan, it measures 7.8cm radius.

The Metal & Enamel Pinbadge was created by Graphitti Designs and is an official Streamline Pictures licensed product from 1990. It measures 2.7cm by 1.6cm.

AKIRA Badges, 1 Japanese 1988, the other 1990 Graphitti Designes.

Set of Five Unofficial Akira Badges (above right)

Usually available from Ebay, probably home made with a badge pressing kit. Out of all the crappy home made or illegal and unlicensed merchandise, these badges are quite good thanks to the images used.