Akira Kits - Vinyl and Resin Collectable Models

Tetsuo on Kaneda's Bike

Made from Resin, year and quantity are unknown but it's bound to be a scarce model. When bought it came in unpainted pieces in clear bags. Because it is a Garage Kit (illegal re-cast) the dimentions have been warped and now it resembles, more closely a normal bike. This one is from my collection.

Below is the same 1/6 scale kit again except it is the original, notice the dimentions and the stickers, Tetsuo's feet actually touch the ground on this one. Think it's time to strip the garage kit and cut it to shape and start again. The image below came from www.gluetrain.de. Built and painted by Alexander Gross.

Volks - Kaneda's Bike Akira Kit

1/6 Scale Resin Kit with working lights. Requires assembly with no cutting or glueing. Images were taken from - http://gemini555.com. Click here for images of the models construction.

Akira Bike Kit

Heavily modified 1/6 scale vinyl kit. 75% scratchbuilt. Working lights, front and rear suspension, side and centre stands. Approximatly one foot long. I do not know the manufacturer or when it was released.