Miscellaneous Akira Toys

Akira Committee - Kaneda (x2)

Made from soft plastic and approximatly 11cm high. These Kaneda toys are pretty rare and old. I bought mine from Ebay for £10. "Bad look" to the person I outbid, but as you can see they have gone to a good home.

These are official Akira merchandise so they are pretty hard to come by, as is most official Akira Committee merch'. I have heard some people saying how crappy these are, but I actually like them, they remind me of the little soft plastic figures I used to play with as a child in the 80's, which would make sense as these are most likely from that era.

Akira Committee Kaneda Toys Akira Committee Kaneda Toys

Alpha Toycom: Yamato Polystone Akira Statues

[ www.yamato-toys.com ]

Created by Alpha Toycom and imported from Japan, each figure is pre-painted and detailed in PVC and stands around 7" tall.

Akira Kaneda Statue Akira Kaneda Statue Akira Tetsuo Statue Akira Tetsuo Statue

Graphitti Designs: Akira Figurine Series #1 - Tetsuo

[ www.graphittidesigns.com ]

Made from cold cast porcelain and limited to 1500. Released: 1989. One of the rarer Akira collectables.

Akira Limited Edition Porcelain Tetsuo Akira Limited Edition Porcelain Tetsuo

Custom Kaneda 12" Akira Figure

Kaneda 12" Action Figure. Comes with a machine gun and goggles. This figure is made by crazy fans of AKIRA from Hong Kong as an un-official custom made 12" Figure. It is similar to the Medicom 12" figures but obviously lacks the quality and detail of a medicom toy.

Kaneda Action Figure Kaneda Action Figure Kaneda Action Figure Kaneda Action Figure